Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Zulu Wars - steampunk style

Siempre me he preguntado como hubieran sido las Guerras Zulus que el Imperio Británico mantuvo en su África Colonial en 1879 si la tecnología de armas hubiera sido superior. A pesar de que al final ganaron, tuvieron que enfrentar un ejercito de bien organizados zulues, unos 30 mil, con solo 6 mil tropas efectivas y perdieron en el camino a unos 1700 hombres. Hasta donde se, solo usaron una única Gatling gun y fue poco efectiva, especialmente en la batalla de Isandhlwana, donde los diezmaron, una de las peores derrotas del ejército británico en su historia y primera vez que un ejercito moderno es derrotado por una cultura muy inferior en armamento y logística.
En parte por eso y en parte porque que mi mundo steampunk las guerras en África son un elemento en mis novelas, he armado a mi oficial británico colonial con un arma de altísimo rendimiento, la vimos por primera vez en Predator de Schwarzenegger - los elementos son tomados de diferentes series - uniforme de Policía Montada del Canadá Action Man 1970,  muñeco DiD tipo IV -   revolver americano,  botas de cuero, casco colonial  y lentes de Hasbro. La minigun es de la serie de Intoyz In Toyz creada para Armed Forces, una maravilla en detalles y cañón giratorio. Todo en escala 1/6.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Conan The Barbarian

Hi guys, almost two years since I was updating this blog, but I have been sooo busy with other proyects that I forgot (and it's a fact that blogs need to be updated regularly in order to maintain its presence in the World Wide Web) well, probably too much Twitter (by the way @el_leprechaun).

Anyway I start again... with the last post of 2011 dedicate to Conan The Barbarian.
I found an incredible figure at created for a crazy russian guy. You MUST see this one.
Based in the old good body of Arnold  Schwarzenegger, the complete figure is handmade. Terrific work on the costume & repainting. The sword is the real metal and the accesories are made in real leather.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Enemy at the Gates - German Sniper

I am a huge fan of the movie Enemy at the Gates, one of the best movies about war, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, starring Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes and Ed Harris set during the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II.
The figure is inspirited in the Major Erwin König, the renowned marksman, and head of the German Army Sniper School at Zossen. The rifle is a Mauser Standardmodell (often abbreviated Kar98k) with telescopic sight, and a controlled-feed real bolt-action.
He is wearing a German Wehrmacht uniform with all the accessories, an iron cross included.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Artic Trooper - The Thing

I created this figure from The Movie The Thing, directed by John Carpenter and based on a John W. Campbell Short Story Who Goes There.
I always was fascinated for the character of R.J. MacReady, so the figure is a moderm version, I image that he is going to need a very special weapon to destroy the big ugly thing: It come with a Hottoys Special Force M4 SIR (Night Vision Scope), a FCS ACU 1911 Pistol with Holster Set, a US Army Sniper Team GPS Receiver and GIGN Operator Radio.
The outfit is a dragon Winter Parka with the Royal Marine Arctic Warfare uniform ((Kneepads took from VeryHot U.S. CIA). BBI backpack with Vintage GI Joe Mountain Crampons and Climbing Gear Ice Axe. The final touch was the googles mirror efect (I used aluminum paper)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

7th Indiana Cavalry Officer USA

Hi guys, happy New Year... a long time from my last post, but you'now life.

Anyway, we have here today (not really my last one) model kitbach, an American officer of the famous 7th Indiana Cavalry Regimen. The kitbach is a mix between a dragon figure (from Lt. Col. Mith Metzger - F117A Pilot), the original uniform from the John Wayne pack, and a lot of different stuff.From Marx West: Gunbelt with easy closing holster and ammo pouch, as well as the frogs with saber hooks, the set includes a Remington Pistol, map case, Canteen and plastic bugle (the bugle as soft and pliable cords that resist breaking) From Sideshow: Miniature Winchester 73 Rifle and Indian Sheath Eagle Knife. From Vintage Marx West: the best, the Thunderbold horse with saddle and accessories. Additionally, black leather boots with real zip (from Chines custom) binoculars and the red lantern.
Thanks to the people of 7th Indiana/1st Virginia Cavalry web, for their original pics.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Frederiks

Based on the WWR universe by Ashley Wood (World War Robot Illustrated) I indroducce the Frederik. This heavy-arm robots are always sent out to war accompined by pigs. The pigs are trained to warn FRED from mines and Zombies. A cyber-biotic relationship (The term was first used in 1879 by the German mycologist Heinrich Anton de Bary, who defined it as "the living together of unlike organisms)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The R2 model

Other ACMS: the R2 model.

I can't remember when I got this one, or why somebody named R2, but it's a formidable combat suit, painted in camouflage mode,
the body is one of the most poseable 14-inch figure bodies available, electric fan included, highlt detailed equipment and accessories. Take note of the Bruce Lee face inside.